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Ruchika Kinger officially worked full time at Vinove Software Solutions, Noida and did some freelance writing working for us on a part time basis. Often, the quality of the work was not satisfactory. She was arrogant and usually refused to revise the poor quality work she submitted. She was also inflexible and found it difficult to do other types of work like ad posting. However, there are several unanswered questions about her:
1. When another freelancer called Amit took her interview , he named the tape , Mr. Ruchika Kinger. We are still unable to find out who the Mr. Ruchika Kinger is, who was behind her.
2. The connection between Ruchika, Indiamart and HDFC, which figured very prominently in her articles.
3. She was insisting that we provide work to her friend Saurabh Aggarwal, she sent repeated requests for work.
4. Soon after we stopped giving her work, she stopped replying to emails. Most people retain contact with their people who have paid them, it is common courtesy. However, she does not even have the courtesy to reply to emails. What is the reason for this extreme arrogance , we do not know.
We believe that freelancers who lack basic human decency and courtesy should be avoided at all costs.