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Nayanshree Hathwar was another freelancer who did some work with us, mainly article writing. By her own admission, she was "a simple housewife who did not even know her computer configuration". We paid her so well, that she could build a new house in Bangalore. However, later on , it turned out that most of her articles did not pass copy scape. We were basically cheated by her, and when we tried to contact her , she conveniently refused to reply to emails.

Another major problem with her is that she has a very vicious powerful backer. He has no compunctions deleting and modifying files and emails on our hard disk in an attempt to destroy our business. He is handling wordpress, and abusing his powers to delete wordpress posts, in an attempt to show that the blogs are not being updated. There are no checks and measures in place in the Indian internet industry to prevent such people from abusing their powers to harass innocent webmasters. This persecution is the reason we have stopped using wordpress for new websites, and we also do not recommended that other webmasters use wordpress in India, when such a person is in charge.

We also have reason to believe that her backer, is intercepting , diverting and deleting our emails from potential customers, effectively sabotaging our business. This is a cybercrime, but in India, some powerful people seem to be able to get away with such criminal activities. This webmaster is under surveillance and we believe her backer is misusing it to cause food poisoning whenever this webmaster eats out. It is a measure of the lack of morals and humanity in Indian society today, that it is difficult for an ordinary citizen to take legal action against such blatant abuse of power.

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